Our UK based engineering help desk team will support you in all stages of your project from project planning to post installation service and maintenance support.


Optional Services

We can help you to Identify potential installation locations, power requirements, design the installations and obtain any required permits (Council, Food control authority etc.)

We can arrange the groundwork preparation for the installation of the machine along with Concrete Slab, installation of utilities, installation of High-Speed Internet Access (ADSL).


Included with each Pizza vending machine purchase is a 1-day machine Install and Machine Operation Training performed by a manufacturer trained engineer. This training includes: General operation, user settings, oven settings, maintenance guidance, and provide E-user and HACCP manual. The customer must provide at least one member of staff to assist in the installation that typically takes no longer than 4 hours.

Servicing of the pizza vending machine is carried out by the machine operator on a monthly basis which typically takes between 1-2 hours. This will include: Cleaning the oven, the cold storage and the Pizza Box transit areas; removing any dust from the fan, cooling unit and computer; and finishing with an overall visual check.

Launch Support

Optional Services

PizzaVend can assist you with a communication package from start of the project to your “go live” day and further in attracting new customers. This package could include social media, press contact and Launch day setup with craft activities and promotions.


A PizzaVend help desk is available. The majority of machine service and maintenance issues can be handled over the phone, in addition to utilising webcam and machine data via the internet connection.

Included with each Pizza vending machine purchase is a 1-year warranty. PizzaVend will handle all warranty services including:

  • Parts: 1-Year Warranty on parts that caused a machine malfunction, failure or shutdown.
  • 1 Year Phone Support

Extended Warranty Packages and Services Packages beyond the Warranty period can also be purchased.

about us

PizzaVend is following the latest innovation and trends in the restaurant industry with Pizzadoor and is now available in the UK.

We are based in Northamptonshire which enables us to facilitate a quick response and give assistance to our Customers. We have formed and built a strong working relationship with ADIAL, the manufacturer, and benefit from a full back-up support as being recognised as the official UK distributor of Pizzadoor.

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about the manufacturer

Founded in 2002, ADIAL is the leading manufacturer of fully automated pizza vending machines. It specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions. It has consistently invested in researching and developing new, unique products and technologies.

The manufacturing operation is located in an 18,000-square-foot plant in Lisieux in the North of France.

ADIAL has now more than 550 machines operating worldwide as well as developing a network of distributors and operators abroad in 10 countries so far.