24-Hour Pizza Vending Machine distributing freshly baked pizzas on order in under 3 minutes or cold “Bake at Home” pizzas in 30 seconds.

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Fresh toppings are added to the prepared base of your gourmet pizza.


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Fresh pizzas in their boxes are placed in the cold storage unit of the machine.


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Pizzadoor sells your pizzas hot or cold 24/7.

Pizzavend the official UK distributor of Pizzadoor.


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High Capacity

Holds 70 pizzas up to 12 inches.

Temperature Controlled Refrigeration

Computer-assisted settings of cold storage temperature (< 3*C / 37.5*F) and full remote communication.

Proprietary Performance Oven

Computer controlled, high-performance electric oven combined with a pulsed air cycle system. The Oven adapts to the parameters you set up for each pizza type (Temperature, cooking time, browning power).

Best Before Date Management (BBD)

FIFO (First In, First Out) method is used. You set the life of each product (maximum 2 days for cold / 3 days for hot) the computer takes care of the rest, automatically blocking the pizza compartment when a deadline is reached.

Stream Marketing items

Display your personalised videos, promotions, slide-shows or photos on the 32” screen.

Customisable Panels

100% customisable. Choose your colours and wrap the machine with your branding or sell advertising space.

Error Detection & Webcam Monitoring

Two video cameras and sensors connected to the server guarantee optimal use sending a warning in case of any incidents.

Real-time Alerts

Alerts are programmable for information such as: inventory, sales, receipt tape, cold-storage temperatures, etc...

Credit/debit Card Ready

Payment terminal for standard cards. Payment is only final when the pizza is delivered.

Data Management

Proprietary management system for data collection and analysis.

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Cold Storage

Once the pizza base is 100% cooked and fresh toppings are added, the pizza is boxed and placed in the cold storage unit which holds 70 pizzas at a regulated 3*C / 37.5*F.


The computer records and manages various types of pizzas in the cold storage unit. Each pizza type can be separately managed for: Best Before Date (BBD) and cooking parameters such as temperature, cooking time and browning power.


On order, the pizza is transferred from cold storage to the oven unit. The mechanism lifts the box lid, raises the pizza and its box into the oven and then lifts the pizza from the box. The convection oven then speedily heats the base and cooks the toppings.


After cooking, the pizza is returned to the box, the lid is closed and delivery to the Customer takes place through the dispenser. The whole process from order to delivery takes less than 3 minutes and the pizza never comes into contact with any part of the machine.