24-Hour Pizza Vending Machine distributing freshly baked pizzas on order in under 3 minutes.

Pizzavend the official UK distributor of Pizzadoor.

Why choose pizzadoor?

Our Pizza vending machine is the single most dependable, profitable and innovative machine of its kind. Here are the reasons why:

Worldwide success & longevity

PizzaVend is proudly excited to announce the arrival of Pizzadoor to the UK market. With 14 years of production, Pizzadoor has a proven track record with 550 machines in operation around the world, baring the fruit of many years of research and continued innovation assuring the best of reliability.

You remain in control

Purchasing Pizzadoor offers multiple options. You decide content and pricing to ensure maximum profitability. Restocking your machine, day or night, gives you full flexibility to work within your own schedule.

Quick return on investment (ROI)

Based on feedback from existing operators, their achievements and performances show an exceptional return on investment due to very low operating cost. At a £10 retail price per 12” pizza, the vending machine can potentially hold up to £700 revenue per batch. In prime locations or at popular events, Pizzadoor could sell in excess of two batches per day.

Exceptional Hygiene & Quality

Pizzadoor is EU certified and meets the highest Hygiene and Health and Safety standards. The process preserves taste and freshness whilst guaranteeing hygiene and quality requirements are met by ensuring that the pizza base and ingredients never touch any part of the machine.

Proprietary equipment & support

Proprietary equipment includes the oven, electronic cards and the management system for data collection and analysis. For any questions you may have, hotline assistance is available either with our local PizzaVend team based in the East Midlands or with the Manufacturer’s 24/7 helpdesk.

Advanced management & reporting system

Pizzadoor offers full remote communication for custom settings and tracking. You are notified with real-time email and text alerts for error and shutdown detection and can access webcam monitoring and CCTV at anytime. Peace of mind and security are assured.

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